Avon Lake Business Spotlight

At Joseph L. Motta Co., we are a proud Avon Lake business - happy to serve clients in our local community with a personal approach. Joe lives in Avon Lake and enjoys running into his clients regularly around town. As a frequent promoter of Avon Lake, advocate of the community and advertiser in various community papers, we were happy to get the opportunity to take the Avon Lake Small Business Spotlight on Avon Lake's website last month. Below is a transcript of the Avon Lake Business Spotlight video:

Avon Lake Business Spotlight, Joe Motta

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Avon Lake Business Spotlight: Joe Motta from Avon Lake Community Television on Vimeo.

Joe Motta, Estate Planning & Elder Law Attorney

"My name is Joe Motta and I am an estate planning an elder law attorney. What I do is help people protect their family and their assets in the event of death or incapacity, so I have folks that come in who just want to be prepared. In the event they pass away they want to make sure their family receives their assets with a minimum of hassle.  Or if they become incapacitated, they want to be sure that their affairs can be managed without seeking court supervision."

Long Term Care Planning

"And another big part of my practice is dealing with folks who are going into nursing homes. The cost of nursing homes is about $8,000 to $10,000 a month. Most people can go broke very quickly paying these costs and then they have to apply for Medicaid. So I help people preserve their assets and still qualify for Medicaid. For example, if you have a husband and wife, the husband suffers a stroke and goes into a nursing home, we want to preserve money so that that wife can live at home comfortably for the rest of her life.
And then we have folks who may be in their 70s and they are concerned about maybe needing a nursing home sometime later in life, so we help them set up their assets in such a way that they can preserve most of them in the event of a stroke or other catastrophic medical event happening."

Probate & Estate Administration Attorney

"Then we also deal with probate. Folks who passed away, and their loved ones left them property by way of will, needs to go through the probate court. to be administered in that way and we help them guide through that process. "

Your Local Avon Lake Estate Planning & Elder Law Attorney

"I opened an office here, in Avon Lake, about five years ago.  My law office was in downtown Cleveland but I live in Avon Lake and love the community. I would go to a lot of Avon Lake Chamber of Commerce events. When people would ask me "where is your office?".  When I told them it’s in downtown Cleveland, nobody wanted to go downtown Cleveland. I know we have a great population here in Avon Lake and I thought why not serve people right here in the community I love. And it’s been great and people have really responded favorably to that.
I think people like working with us because they are dealing with me. you’re not dealing with that large firm. You get the personal attention. I am available when people have questions. They call me all the time so I am here constantly and always available. I think it’s a very friendly relationship I have with my clients. Clients consider me a friend. When they need advice in particular matters, even if it isn’t related to estate planning they still call me and get some advice and if I can’t help them I always point them in the right direction and refer them to someone I trust."

Leave a Legacy, Not a Predicament

Joseph L. Motta Co., LPA is devoted to protecting families like yours from life’s most challenging situations. Our goal is to provide you with the peace of mind that comes from knowing that you have planned your affairs so as to avoid the financial disruptions that often accompany death or incapacity. Each client receives our personal attention because we want you to feel comfortable discussing issues that can be emotionally difficult to address. We are committed to putting our knowledge and expertise to work in order to provide you with the best advice on how to protect the ones you love.  We help you to leave a legacy, not a predicament.